Wheel of Health Limited

The completion of accurate and contemporaneous clinical case notes is essential and Qunote is an incredibly intuitive system that makes the documentation process very easy. Feedback from the whole Associate team has been beyond positive in that it is so easy to use and keep track of their client caseload in a much more time efficient manner. Client activity is recorded and can be invoiced for without the need to produce separate individual time sheets, again making this much more time and cost efficient for all. All client sensitive data can be accurately saved and reported on and the software can be customised very easily to meet the needs of our organisation.

The technical support received is invaluable and all the team are so helpful and provide both one to one and team training in order to meet the needs of all our clinicians. Thank you very much Qunote and team, there’s no looking back!

We have been using Qunote for several years and find the system invaluable for our day-to-day operations.

Qunote helps us to maintain accurate and contemporaneous records. This in turn ensures we are billing our clients accurately and ultimately providing an efficient and professional service.

Following the changes with GDPR we are confident that by using Qunote our data remains secure and complies with the latest regulations. With the sensitive nature of our data, this is paramount to our business.

Qunote is setting the standard for excellence in a recording system for case management companies with clients who have complex needs.

We have been using Qunote for 9 months and it has really delivered. We have 25 users working from home, multiple rates and different levels of confidentiality for our data. As well as being an intuitive clinical notes system, with all of the features you would expect, Qunote is also a fantastic business tool. It allows us to customise our rates, generate invoices, and produce a monthly report of the clinical and travel hours worked by each Associate. The HR function holds all of our HR records, and all of our policy documents and templates can be saved to the ‘key docs and templates’ section, negating the need for a separate shared drive. Particularly useful additional features include the ability to send copies of emails to Qunote to upload directly to the patient record, allocation of data to management staff only, and the client record can be easily downloaded to a pdf. We have been very impressed with the Qunote customer services, with great responsiveness to our initial setup questions.

Case management records are a key part of our service and so the selection of software and support for this aspect of our work has not been undertaken lightly. Qunote is a powerful tool for our case managers as they document and record their input, linking easily to the administrative and billing aspects of the work and providing clear records for referrers and clients as required. The support from the guys behind the scenes is valued, responsive and helpful and I can’t think why I didn’t start using Qunote years ago in my days running therapy teams!

I just wanted to say a big thank you for your time and help in getting me settled with Qunote. Learning a new system is a challenge, but your immediate support, always making contact minutes after I emailed a query made it much easier.

I am now up and running for note keeping and invoicing. The service is saving me money, as it is so much quicker to produce invoices and share documents and it looks great professionally.

I must admit I was hesitant to use Qunote as my then system of keeping online notes in DropBox and generating my own invoices worked to a degree. But, having taken the plunge to use Qunote there is no looking back!

Everything is now in one place and meets all the necessary GDPR guidelines. The team at Qunote couldn’t have been more friendly and helpful; ever willing to answer any queries however small. I can’t recommend Qunote enough… take the plunge!

AJ Case Management have been using Qunote for over 6 years now and have found it invaluable for all our case management needs, from record keeping to invoicing and much more. Its professional appearance and easy navigation makes it the perfect tool and we would highly recommend it.

What a find!

A great tool for any case management company, regardless of size. We have worked closely with the developers to design a package that works efficiently and reliably across all areas of the business.

From our initial contact with the Qunote team, to our ongoing interactions, they have been helpful, friendly, extremely efficient and professional. They provide free training and very prompt responses to any queries.

Our whole team finds the interface to be user friendly and intuitive. Working as an interdisciplinary team we rely on good shared notes and documentation systems and the Qunote system provides everything we need.

We have been using Qunote for the past few years now. Having done a lot of research, it is the one system that we have found that does the most things that we need as a business. No systems do everything, but QuNote does some very important things that we need! We love that Qunote adds up the time that you have spent on all of your activities when it comes to monthly invoicing. It is so much better than sitting with a calculator at the end of each month. The ability to export filenotes is also wonderful, and something that many systems that we explored did not offer. This helps us to keep the businesses that engage our services updated with the work that we have been completing, and can be accessed at any time that it is required. Being able to link in with Xero for accounting is also very helpful – another time saver. The form builder that is being created sounds exciting, and we look forward to future system developments. Customer Support has always been excellent, and you can expect a response really quickly.