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We have been using Qunote for the past few years now. Having done a lot of research, it is the one system that we have found that does the most things that we need as a business. No systems do everything, but QuNote does some very important things that we need! We love that Qunote adds up the time that you have spent on all of your activities when it comes to monthly invoicing. It is so much better than sitting with a calculator at the end of each month. The ability to export filenotes is also wonderful, and something that many systems that we explored did not offer. This helps us to keep the businesses that engage our services updated with the work that we have been completing, and can be accessed at any time that it is required. Being able to link in with Xero for accounting is also very helpful – another time saver. The form builder that is being created sounds exciting, and we look forward to future system developments. Customer Support has always been excellent, and you can expect a response really quickly.