Totus Neurorehabilitation Ltd

We have been using Qunote for 9 months and it has really delivered. We have 25 users working from home, multiple rates and different levels of confidentiality for our data. As well as being an intuitive clinical notes system, with all of the features you would expect, Qunote is also a fantastic business tool. It allows us to customise our rates, generate invoices, and produce a monthly report of the clinical and travel hours worked by each Associate. The HR function holds all of our HR records, and all of our policy documents and templates can be saved to the ‘key docs and templates’ section, negating the need for a separate shared drive. Particularly useful additional features include the ability to send copies of emails to Qunote to upload directly to the patient record, allocation of data to management staff only, and the client record can be easily downloaded to a pdf. We have been very impressed with the Qunote customer services, with great responsiveness to our initial setup questions.